• More fixes to the GUI
  • Changes address to Miniconda during installation procedure
  • Changed bug in simnibs.py where it would look for files that didn't exist


  • Changed 3dcalc wrapper in Linux
  • Fixed bugs in the GUI related to the PySide→PyQt changes


  • Changed from PySide to PyQt
  • Changed getopt in osx to a wrapper script which will call getopt_o adjusting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • Changed scalp color on GUI


  • Fixed the intallation of qt on mac
  • Fixed an installation bug that occurred when reinstalling simnibs without starting a new terminal window


  • freeglut is no longer required
  • now a local verision of libXp, libXpm and libXmu is provided. This should make the installation easier
  • solved bug in the anisotropic conductivity calculations that would happen if there was a “.” in the path


  • Now SimNIBS gui gives out a warning if there are any spaces in the file path
  • The installation procedure will now install freeglut on Linux


  • support of conductivity tensors for gray and white matter added to GUI
  • script dwi2cond added to estimate conductiviy tensors from diffusion MRI
  • automatic installation procedure changed to use miniconda
  • bug in mri2mesh fixed which prevented it to use the T2 image to reconstruct the skull
  • Changed standard colors in GUI
  • The GUI now lets you set TMS coil distances
  • Removed deprecated post processing options
  • Added new TMS coil files
  • Fixed bug where the electrode thickness would change every time the electrode edition window opened
  • Fixed bug where every simulation would use the same conductivities
  • GUI now supports advanced electrode modeling
  • ATTENTION old .simnibs files maybe incompatible with the new version
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