Contributors to SimNIBS 2.1

  • Axel Thielscher: Project coordination; Debugging and maintenance of mri2mesh, headreco and meshfix; Implementation of new diffusion-to-conductivity mapping script (dwi2cond); Creation of the new example dataset “ernie”
  • Guilherme B. Saturnino: Main contributor to the new python core of SimNIBS 2.1; Main contributor to the GUI and the electrode modeling for tDCS in 2.0; Implementation of the new installation procedure in 2.0; Bug-fixing
  • Jesper D. Nielsen: Main author of the new headreco script in 2.1
  • Kristoffer H. Madsen: Implementation of prototype version for MNI transformation in 2.1; Implementation of fast I/O for gmsh-meshes in python in SimNIBS 2.0; Integration of precalculated A-fields for TMS in the pipeline using nifti-volume files in 2.0
  • Oula Puonti: Help with headreco; Creation of the new MNI head mesh

Contributors to previous versions

  • Mirko Windhoff: Main contributor to SimNIBS 1.0
  • Alex Opitz: Implementation of first diffusion-to-conductivity mapping approach; Co-contributor to many other parts of the first version; Testing and validation of the new FEM calculations for tDCS in SimNIBS 2.0
  • Andre Antunes: Main contributor to the new FEM pipeline in SimNIBS 2.0; Implementation of a range of post-processing programs to accurately determine the electric field
  • Andreas Bungert: Testing of the new FEM pipeline in SimNIBS 2.0


SimNIBS integrates free software for neuroimaging, computer graphics and FEM calculations into one coherent pipeline:

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